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Optisolve’s evidence-based technology, together with a precision cleaning plan helps keep your facility and your people safe, while improving confidence among staff, clients, families and stakeholders. Optisolve is ideal for use in hospitals, long term care, clinics, medical offices and laboratories.

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Your challenges:

For the last few years, the cleanliness in health care facilities has never been under more scrutiny. You are facing a unique set of challenges. Your first priority is to mitigate risks to patients and staff. You have a diverse staff, and a high turnover rate, so your training programs need to be easy to implement, yet highly effective.

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You have complex code requirements to meet. Surface contamination found on high-touch surfaces in patient rooms, washrooms, hallways, clinical staff workstations and more can be easily spread from person to person. You’re unsure how to best assess physical spaces to identify areas that could harbor pathogens. And how can you know which cleaning products perform best?

At present, you can’t ensure that increasing cleaning frequency and applying more human resources to cleaning is financially sustainable. And to top it all off, you have no data to justify increased budgets and resources.

Our solutions:

Optisolve simplifies the creation of processes and programs designed to inspire confidence among staff, clients, families and stakeholders.

Optisolve provides you with the data you need to make better informed decisions about resources, investments and performance outcomes.

Cleaning teams can create visually-informative assessments that provide actionable feedback on-site in seconds, and use what they learn, instantly.

Optisolve helps you increase your sustainability profile. Your cleaning teams can monitor, improve and optimize the use and application of cleaning chemicals, providing you with a healthier working environment, while also helping to more effectively employ human resources and cleaning budgets.

Optisolve’s smart technology allows facility teams to use a precision cleaning approach. They can monitor and measure performance and improve their cleaning processes for better health, safety and hygiene outcomes. Optisolve helps prevent harmful and costly outbreaks, before they shut you down.

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Optisolve Announces SOC2 Type 1 Attestation.

We are thrilled to announce that Optisolve is SCO2 Type 1 compliant, This rigorous, independent assessment of our enterprise-level security controls serves as validation of our dedication and adherence to the highest standards for security, confidentiality, availability, privacy, and processing integrity.

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Optisolve Announces Attestation of HIPPA Compliance.

We are thrilled to announce that Optisolve is HIPAA compliant, the federal law for patient health protection in the U.S.
This rigorous, independent assessment of our compliance serves as validation of our dedication and adherence to the highest standards to protect your sensitive patient health information.

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Healthcare-associated Infections will be Canada’s second leading cause of death by 2050… and Optisolve will help reduce them

New Technology Targets Surface Pathogens for Safer Environmental Hygiene. BURLINGTON, Mass. – April, 2021 – Viken Detection, pioneer of homeland security x-ray…

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Tablet showing Optisolve SAVI software with "Are you ready?"

Higher Level Cleaning Validation Meets the Moment

Re-introducing SAVI and Pathfinder 2020 was a global wake-up call for the importance of infection prevention. But this is a topic Optisolve has been considering for years. While the world continues to adapt to the continuous changes driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s safe to say we have collectively learned more about pathogens, environmental risk, […]

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Tablet showing Optisolve software reports and analytics

Health and Safety Cannot Rely On Guesswork Any Longer

The current need for evidence-based standardization, monitoring, and continuous improvement of environmental hygiene Many of the ways facilities managed cleaning prior to 2020 have been changed irrevocably by the COVID-19 pandemic. What once was aesthetically “good enough” won’t cut it in the new landscape of enhanced cleaning, disinfection, and public health. Top among those relics […]

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A Four-Step Approach to Becoming a Best-in-Class Facility

The need for enhanced infection prevention while maintaining budgets has pushed facility management to rethink their environmental health & safety results. With “cleaning for health” as the new standard, efficient and effective processes are key.  A precision cleaning approach and smart technology help monitor and measure performance to optimize returns and resources. Precision Cleaning Approach […]

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Animated graphic showing frontline service workers

Recognizing Our Frontline Heroes During National Healthcare Environmental Services Week and All Year Long

#HealthcareEnvironmentalServicesWeek The second week in September is National Healthcare Environmental Services Week, when we honor the men and women who ensure safe, healthy and clean facilities all year long. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these unsung heroes have worked tirelessly on the front lines keeping us safe. We would like to take this week to recognize […]

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Graphic with tablet showing Optisolve SAVI reports and a woman holding a magnifying glass revealing germs

Make Your Intention Infection Prevention

The theme of International Infection Prevention Week 2021, which runs from October 17-23, is “Make Your Intention Infection Prevention.”

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Moving Ahead with Technology: 3 Tips from our Tech Expert

With the recent increase in cyber threats and vulnerabilities in the past few weeks, our tech expert CTO shares some helpful articles so you can gain more knowledge to stay protected.

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Use Data to Drive Effective Performance and Investment Outcomes.

Healthy spaces is a topic many of us in the industry have been advocating for years. Having data to support this critical work is key.

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Infection Prevention sponsor graphic

Optisolve® joins APIC to counter misinformation and uplift science during International Infection Prevention Week

Toronto, October 7, 2021—To raise awareness about the importance of infection prevention and the essential role infection preventionists (IPs) play in…

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Optisolve Pathfinder Halo product

Optisolve And Viken Detection Partner To Launch The Pathfinder™ – An Innovative Surface Imaging Device

New Technology Targets Surface Pathogens for Safer Environmental Hygiene. BURLINGTON, Mass. – April, 2021 – Viken Detection, pioneer of homeland security x-ray…

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