Higher Level Cleaning Validation Meets the Moment

Tablet showing Optisolve SAVI software with "Are you ready?"

Re-introducing SAVI and Pathfinder

2020 was a global wake-up call for the importance of infection prevention. But this is a topic Optisolve has been considering for years. While the world continues to adapt to the continuous changes driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s safe to say we have collectively learned more about pathogens, environmental risk, cleaning and disinfection. The public expects more from facility managers than ever before. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 87 percent of respondents want proof their workplaces and businesses are clean. In large part, we have shifted from cleaning for appearance to cleaning for health.  And a new facility management system, focused on mitigating environmental risk, is hitting the market just in time to meet that moment

Right as public spaces and buildings across the globe are reopening, Optisolve has launched SAVI, a cloud-based quality management system along with Pathfinder 2.0, which provides real-time, on-site visual surface testing. This system is designed to help facilities achieve precision cleaning and new efficiencies in infection prevention, with the validation data needed to measure and track results.

Person holding tablet with Optisolve SAVI quality management system.

What is SAVI?

SAVI is a cloud-based quality management system that can be used across many locations, facilities and team members to elevate and integrate cleaning standards. SAVI stands for Site Assessment Validation Indicator. This is a centralized reporting dashboard that makes it simple to validate your cleaning processes.

Some of the features of SAVI include:

  1. Assessment: Proactively plan, track and standardize site assessments for cleaning and disinfection validation.
  2. Action: Routine site assessments provide data that can include checking compliance items by visual observations as well as testing surfaces with advanced methods such as Optisolve Pathfinder imaging technology.
  3. Analytics: Reports and dashboard communicate results for monitoring, feedback, training, and continuous improvement.
  4. Assurance: Share high-level feedback with the team, managers and customers to demonstrate and deliver clean, healthy and safe spaces.

What is Pathfinder?

Pathfinder is an award-winning, proprietary imaging technology used to detect contamination on hard, non-porous surfaces. Pathfinder provides high-quality intensity maps and spatially specific locations showing exactly where contamination remains on surfaces, in real time. The technology fully integrates with SAVI to attach real-time imaging to site assessments and advanced analytics and reporting.

Why We Launched Optisolve Ltd.

Over decades of experience in the cleaning and disinfection industry, the Optisolve founders recognized that checking off a box saying a surface was clean was not good enough.

When a team of researchers at a cleaning product manufacturer collaborated with academic partners to find innovative methods to improve cleaning processes and public health, Optisolve was born. They set out to find a better way to validate clean surfaces and improve disinfection processes through a collaboration with leading researchers, medical device engineers, and digital technology partners.

Looking ahead, Optisolve is focused on precision cleaning, which uses resources more effectively for better outcomes, saving time and effort. In response to COVID-19, many have been employing ‘deep cleaning’ which may include spraying entire rooms with chemicals without knowing the unintended consequences. Optisolve aims to help people better understand what’s on a surface and how to clean it with the appropriate products and processes.