Customer Spotlight: How Optisolve Transformed GT French Facility Assessment Services

GT French's Cam Carnegie talking with customer about cleaning valuation and Enviro Solutions cleaning products

GT French's Cam Carnegie talking with customer about cleaning valuation and Enviro Solutions cleaning products

In an industry where cleanliness and safety are more than just priorities—they’re promises to customers. As a distinguished distributor of cleaning and hygiene products, GT French sought to not only meet but surpass the ever-evolving expectations for facility management. The goal was clear: to innovate beyond traditional cleaning methods and set a new standard in ensuring environments are not just visually clean, but validated to be safe and hygienic. 

This ambition led GT French to embark on a transformative journey with Optisolve, a pioneer in imaging assessment services poised to revolutionize how cleanliness is measured and maintained. The challenge, however, was transcending traditional methods to achieve a new level of cleanliness and customer assurance.

Client Background

GT French, with its longstanding history and commitment to providing the highest quality in food service, janitorial/sanitation, and packaging supply systems, has been at the forefront of serving diverse sectors, including retail, restaurant/ food service, education, and more. Despite their success, the evolving demands for higher safety and cleanliness standards posed significant challenges. The need for a more precise, scientifically validated approach to cleaning and facility management became increasingly apparent.

Optisolve Solution

Enter Optisolve, a revolutionary quality management system that includes surface contamination imaging which promised to not just meet but exceed GT French’s aspirations for next-level facility management. Optisolve’s solution offered a comprehensive validation of cleaning processes through advanced imaging technology, enabling GT French not only to see but also to quantify cleanliness at a microscopic level.

By adopting Optisolve, GT French was equipped to:

  • Engage in deeper, more meaningful discussions about cleaning practices with their clients.
  • Implement precision cleaning strategies, focusing efforts on high-touch surfaces and areas needing attention.
  • Utilize data and imaging to validate cleanliness, offering tangible proof and feedback of their commitment to safety and hygiene.

Results and Benefits

The transformation was nothing short of remarkable. GT French witnessed a significant improvement in their facility management processes, leading to heightened client satisfaction and trust. One notable success story emerged from their work with one of Toronto’s largest retail malls, where Optisolve’s technology unveiled critical insights into cleaning efficacy, driving improved protocols and outcomes.

Key benefits included:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: By directing cleaning efforts where they were most needed, GT French optimized labor and resources.
  • Elevated Cleanliness Standards: The ability to validate cleanliness with empirical data reassured clients and customers alike, setting new industry benchmarks.
  • Empowered Staff: Optisolve’s assessments became a cornerstone for training, enabling immediate feedback and on-the-spot training for cleaning staff.


Reflecting on the impact of Optisolve, a GT French representative shared, “To be able to see the results of how clean a surface actually is, is very impactful for our business. Optisolve provides us an opportunity to have deeper conversations on the processes that they’re taking on a daily basis to clean their facility. It’s allowed us to expand our product offering, not just on the cleaning chemical but all of the products that are associated with the cleaning process.

The collaboration between GT French and Optisolve is a testament to the power of innovation in redefining the standards of cleanliness and safety in facility management. By embracing Optisolve’s cutting-edge technology, GT French not only addressed their challenges but also set a new precedent for excellence, proving that when it comes to cleanliness, seeing truly is believing.

Optisolve continues to pave the way for both facilities seeking to elevate their cleanliness and safety standards and companies wanting to maximize their knowledge of cleaning through assessment services, transforming the landscape of facility management with science, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.


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