A Four-Step Approach to Becoming a Best-in-Class Facility

Man cleaning seat with cloth

The need for enhanced infection prevention while maintaining budgets has pushed facility management to rethink their environmental health & safety results. With “cleaning for health” as the new standard, efficient and effective processes are key.  A precision cleaning approach and smart technology help monitor and measure performance to optimize returns and resources.

Precision Cleaning Approach

The benefits of standardized assessments and monitoring results include saving time, saving money, and increasing competitive advantage.

It takes the guesswork out of managing performance and productivity to provide a better return on investment. The four-step approach for a best-in-class, differentiated quality management system includes:

  1. Assessment: Proactively plan, track and standardize site assessments for cleaning and disinfection validation.
  2. Action: Routine site assessments provide data that can include checking compliance items by visual observations as well as testing surfaces with advanced methods such as Optisolve Pathfinder imaging technology.
  3. Analytics: Reports and dashboard communicate results for monitoring, feedback, training, and continuous improvement.
  4. Assurance: Share high-level feedback with the team, managers and customers to demonstrate and deliver clean, healthy and safe spaces.

Driving Performance With Next-Level Technology

Optisolve Pathfinder and Halo on a tablet, next to Optisolve SAVI software on a laptop.

Optisolve® is an emerging technology leader in environmental health and safety. We innovate and engineer solutions to proactively improve productivity for clean, healthy, and safe spaces. Optisolve Pathfinder is a proprietary diagnostic tool that generates images of contamination on hard, nonporous surfaces. To achieve meaningful adoption, Optisolve integrates data and results in our SAVI cloud-based quality management software that aligns with current infection prevention best practices.