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Infection Prevention and Control

Defend Against Pathogens with
Cutting Edge Precision

Dive into the future of infection control with Optisolve’s pioneering solutions.

By harnessing revolutionary technology, we empower facilities to not only meet but exceed health standards, safeguarding environments against the spread of infections with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

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Targeted Contamination Elimination with Pathfinder

Step into the next generation of hygiene with our Pathfinder technology. This system doesn’t just tell you if a surface is clean; it shows you validated proof.

Using detailed heat-mapped images, it highlights areas of concern, providing visual proof of surface contamination and the effectiveness of cleaning protocols.

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Proactive Infection Control with SAVI

Elevate your infection prevention strategy with SAVI’s real-time monitoring and adaptive reporting. This robust platform doesn’t just track; it can help you predict and prevent, allowing you to dynamically respond to potential infection threats before they become outbreaks.

Master Infection Prevention

Ready to revolutionize your infection prevention strategies?

Discover how Optisolve can help you enhance your infection prevention and control protocols. Book a personalized demo today and see our advanced solutions in action, designed to safeguard your environment against pathogens and ensure continuous compliance with health regulations.

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Precision-Driven Protocols

Armed with the knowledge of exactly where contaminants reside, your cleaning efforts can be precisely targeted. No longer will you have to rely on broad, generalized cleaning methodologies.

Instead, you focus your resources exactly where they’re needed most, optimizing efforts for maximum impact. This targeted approach not only elevates the level of cleanliness but does so with unmatched efficiency.

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Enhanced Safety Measures

Protect and reassure everyone within your facility. Our solutions are designed to ensure environments are not just clean, but verifiably sanitized and safe.

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Operational Excellence

Streamline your operations with smart technology that saves time and cuts costs, all while enhancing your facility’s infection control measures.

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Key Industries Infection Prevention Control is for

Building Service Contractors

Empower your team with tools that not only clean but also assure safety, boosting client confidence and compliance with health standards.

Facility Managers

Keep your facility in peak condition with intelligent infection monitoring and targeted cleaning actions that adapt to your unique environmental challenges.

Educational Institutions

Create a safe learning environment free from health hazards with proactive and precise infection control measures that parents and staff trust.

Transform Your Workforce Training with Optisolve SAVI

Experience a new era of workforce training with Optisolve’s innovative SAVI system. Designed to revolutionize employee education and retention, SAVI combines cutting-edge technology with interactive learning modules to create immersive training experiences. From onboarding to ongoing skill development, SAVI empowers organizations to deliver engaging and effective training programs that drive performance and productivity. With SAVI, say goodbye to traditional training methods and embrace a dynamic, interactive approach that maximizes learning outcomes and fosters a culture of continuous improvement.

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