Moving Ahead with Technology: 3 Tips from our Tech Expert

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With the recent increase in cyber threats and vulnerabilities in the past few weeks, our tech expert CTO shares some helpful articles so you can gain more knowledge to stay protected.

Protect yourself while using public Wi-Fi this holiday season.

These days, you can’t walk down the street without being prompted to connect to a public Wi-Fi network. From coffee shops to doctors’ offices to buses and subways, Wi-Fi is available almost everywhere you go.

But while they’re convenient, public Wi-Fi networks aren’t the safest option. Anyone can connect — including potential cyber criminals. It’s important to be cautious about which Wi-Fi networks you connect to and how you use your device for while connected.

Read this article from “Get Cyber Safe – Government of Canada”

How to shop online safely during this holiday season.

“Whether shopping online for personal reasons or using your organization’s accounts to make company purchases, protective practices for shopping online will help you and your organization keep sensitive information and assets private”.

Read this article from Canadian Center for Cyber Security.

The internet was on fire last week as tech firms race to fix software flaw.

Hundreds of millions of devices around the world could be exposed to a newly revealed software vulnerability last week which most cyber security experts label as “one of the most serious” flaws they have seen in decades.  Note, OptiSolve applications are not affected by the ‘Log4j’ so not susceptible to this software vulnerability,

Read this article from CNN’s Article Here

Note : Optisolve applications are not affected by the LOG4J / CVE-2021-44228  vulnerability.