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Our powerful Pathfinder™ surface imaging technology allows facility managers and cleaning teams to assess surfaces for contamination, visually detect any risks, and fine-tune their cleaning practices for improved environmental monitoring, health and safety assurance, and facility performance.

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Optisolve Pathfinder GBAC Star Registered Technology
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Optisolve’s evidence-based technology, together with a precision cleaning plan helps keep your facility and your people safe, while improving confidence among staff, clients, families and stakeholders. Optisolve is ideal for use in hospitals, long term care, clinics, medical offices and laboratories.

Improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of your cleaning protocols in environments where keeping large numbers of people healthy and safe is critical. Optisolve is perfect for use in schools, day care, colleges, universities, recreation centers and religious spaces.

Optisolve equips cleaning teams in challenging environments with the technology and tools to monitor, detect, and address areas of contamination while continuously improving cleaning performance, productivity and quality assurance. Optisolve is ideal for use in food processing, logistics, restaurants, commercial kitchens, food packaging plants, distribution and in the cannabis industry.

Optisolve enables building service contractors to bring health and safety innovations to their clients’ facilities, and provide evidence-based cleaning and monitoring. Optisolve is excellent for use in offices, retail, public transit, entertainment, fitness facilities, cruise ships and hospitality.

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