Pathfinder Technology: A Game-Changer in Cleaning, as Demonstrated by Lexus Cleaning Services

Janitor is using a clean rag to sanitize the door handles of an entry door to an office.
cleaning door handle. optisolve cleaning validation for BSCs

Discover how Lexus Cleaning Services is revolutionizing the cleaning industry with Optisolve’s cutting-edge Pathfinder technology, as featured in a recent CleanLink article titled “Using Software to Pinpoint, Clean Problem Surfaces”.

Mario Sequeira, Managing Partner at Lexus Cleaning Services Inc., first encountered our Pathfinder surface imaging software in a challenging scenario at a shopping mall food court. Initially skeptical, Mario’s perspective transformed as he saw the power of this technology in action. Through Pathfinder, high-risk contamination areas were not only identified but also effectively remediated, drastically improving their cleaning processes.

Mario recounts, “Initially, our bacterial numbers were not favorable. But with Pathfinder, we were able to identify why and we saw a dramatic improvement. This technology didn’t just change how we cleaned; it helped redefined our approach.”

This narrative of transformation highlights the before and after scenarios at Lexus Cleaning Services, showcasing the profound impact of Optisolve technology. Not only did it elevate their cleaning standards, but it also played a crucial role in educating and motivating their staff.

Mario’s journey with Optisolve technology exemplifies the potential for cleaner, healthier spaces across various facilities. It’s a testament to how innovative solutions can redefine industry standards.

To learn more about how Optisolve can help you and your team with cleaning validation, contact us today! For the full story of Mario’s experience, read the CleanLink article here.