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Revolutionize Cleaning Operations with Optisolve

Optisolve offers innovative solutions to enhance the productivity of cleaning staff and facility managers, streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency.

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Automated reporting and Data Insights

No more paper, no more spreadsheets. Streamline your cleaning operations with SAVI, Optisolve’s quality management software that automatically takes and analyzes your cleaning data and generates live dashboards and detailed reports.

This system enables facility managers to monitor cleaning effectiveness and adjust strategies in real-time, saving them valuable time once spent on gathering and generating reports. Leading to a more responsive and productive cleaning regime.

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Real-Time Surface Imaging with Pathfinder

Optisolve Pathfinder revolutionizes facility cleaning by providing real-time surface imaging that identifies contamination hotspots. This allows cleaning teams to prioritize areas that need the most attention, ensuring efficient use of time and resources. By focusing efforts where they are most needed, facilities can maintain high standards of cleanliness with greater productivity.

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Unlock the Power of Productivity

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Employee Performance Tracking

SAVI transforms the way facility managers track and assess employee performance, ensuring optimal productivity and quality in cleaning operations.

  • Precise Employee Monitoring: SAVI allows facility managers to input the names of all cleaning staff, enabling precise tracking of each employee’s performance. This includes real-time data from area inspections or assessments.
  • Instant Accountability: Identify the responsible cleaner during each inspection, with performance metrics recorded and analyzed on the spot. This ensures accountability and helps in pinpointing areas needing attention.
  • Dashboard Insights: Access a comprehensive dashboard and detailed reports that provide a clear view of each cleaner’s effectiveness and areas for improvement.
  • Enhanced Productivity: By recognizing high performers and those needing extra training, SAVI promotes consistent cleanliness and efficiency across your facilities, boosting overall productivity.

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Unlock the power of productivity with Optisolve's SAVI and Pathfinder solutions.

Schedule a demo today and discover how our innovative technology can streamline your operations and elevate your facility performance.

Optimized Cleaning Routes

Revolutionize cleaning operations through efficient planning and targeted cleaning strategies.

  • Efficient Planning: Pathfinder images help plan the most effective cleaning routes, avoiding unnecessary repetition.
  • Targeted Cleaning: Focus on high-risk areas ensures that resources are allocated effectively, enhancing overall productivity.

For instance, one customer utilizing our technology discovered that out of 100 surfaces routinely cleaned, only 60 required frequent attention throughout the day. This insight allowed them to concentrate their efforts on those high-risk surfaces more effectively, optimizing their cleaning process and resource utilization.

Reduced Operational Costs

By improving the efficiency of cleaning practices, Optisolve helps reduce labor costs and operational expenses.

Facilities using Optisolve have reported significant annual savings, thanks to optimized manpower resources and reduced need for repetitive cleaning tasks.

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Data-Driven Decision Making

SAVI’s comprehensive reports provide managers with the insights needed to make informed decisions about staffing, training, and resource allocation.

This data-driven approach removes guesswork and enhances productivity by ensuring that cleaning efforts are directed most effectively.

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Key Industries for Productivity Solutions

Healthcare Facilities

Ensure critical areas are immaculately maintained with minimal disruption, maximizing cleanliness while optimizing staff allocation.

Educational Institutions

Maintain a safe and clean learning environment with optimized cleaning that reduces disruptions and maximizes efficiency.

Retail and Hospitality

Deliver impeccable cleanliness in high-traffic environments, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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