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Clackamas Community College

Clackamas Community College (CCC) is a public community college located in Oregon City, Oregon. With 27 buildings and approximately 750,000 sqft of cleanable surfaces. CCC was looking for a solution to validate and improve its current cleaning processes.

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A janitor is walking down an office hallway mopping the tile floors.


Validating clean during the pandemic.

For decades visual inspection has been the predominant method of auditing cleaning practices. Options available in the market provided subjective validation of cleaning practices, however, nothing existed that gathered data and provided validating photographic evidence of contamination.

“I have used ATP metering, black light inspections, and visual inspections where I took photos of major deficiencies paired with various QA programs for benching marking, all of which didn’t perform up to my expectations,” Says Kelly Montgomery, Custodial Manager at Clackamas Community College (CCC).

Optisolve PathfinderTM and SAVI combine quality assurance validation and benchmarking data for facility services and custodial managers in a single platform. This enables easy tracking, improvement, training, and reporting on facility maintenance and cleaning, streamlining operations, and improving effectiveness.


Gain cleaning validation by gathering data to assess, analyze, act, and assure.

Clackamas Community College (CCC) had a goal of gaining visibility into the effectiveness of its facility cleaning process. The Optisolve team worked with CCC to digitize their current Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and establish a baseline for the facility’s level of cleanliness.

Utilizing Optisolve’s PathfinderTM tool, CCC was able to identify high-touch surfaces that were frequently contaminated and those that were being adequately cleaned, enabling them to adjust the frequency of cleaning and redirect efforts where necessary.

A male is holding the iPad with the optisolve pathfinder attached, while magnifying an image of a door handle that has yellow infrared notes on certain areas of the handle.

By leveraging data from Optisolve’s SAVI and PathfinderTM, CCC’s janitorial staff became more productive and improved their cleaning practices. The tool also provided inspectors and supervisors with objective validation and reliable data compared to other alternatives.

Overall, Optisolve helped CCC streamline its cleaning process and improve its facilities’ cleanliness while removing the need for manual tracking and recording assessments using paper checklists and spreadsheets.

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A man wearing a khaki shirt and a name tag bearing the company Clackamas is using Optisolve's Pathfinder to take images of an area of the office.

I love the PathfinderTM tool because it allows us to take photos of the surface, we get to see that not only is the surface visually clean, but it is actually clean underneath. We get to make sure that there is no bacteria left behind.

~Kelly Montgomery

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33% More Time back From Improved Training

Pathfinder has improved staff training and reduced the need for retraining by allowing them to see the results of their cleaning efforts.

30% Savings in Efficiency and Productivity

Optisolve’s Precision cleaning technology has helped improve efficiency and productivity by helping staff identify hot spots on campus that need to be cleaned more than others.

25% Savings By Going Digital

By digitizing cleaning audits, staff have been able to acquire over 10 hours back previously spent manually tracking and recording data for reports.


Savings from time and productivity improvements.

Optisolve’s precision cleaning approach has been proven to provide significant benefits in terms of savings, efficiency, and productivity. By using this approach, businesses can save a considerable amount of money on janitorial labor.

For instance, Clackamas Community College has approximately 750,000 square feet of cleanable surfaces. This would typically cost around $690,000 a year to clean. However, with Optisolve’s precision cleaning approach, the cost is reduced to approximately $520,000, resulting in annual savings of about $170,000.

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A man in a khaki long sleeve shirt is pointing at images from the Optisolve Reports dashboard with a pencil to another co-worker for training

30% Savings In Efficiency And Productivity

Optisolve’s approach also improves efficiency and productivity, as it requires fewer man-hours to clean the same square footage.

For CCC, cleaning 750,000 square feet would typically take approximately 160 man-hours. However, with Optisolve’s approach, it only takes about 120 man-hours, resulting in the more productive use of labor.

Additionally, Pathfinder is a valuable tool that helps determine high-risk surfaces that need more frequent cleaning, thus optimizing manpower resources.

A male is sitting at a desk in a conference room scrolling on his Macbook Pro laptop.

25% Savings By Going Digital

Another advantage of Optisolve’s approach is that it streamlines the inspection process, data entry, and report creation.

Prior to implementing Optisolve SAVI®, staff spent anywhere from 10-15 hours a week performing these tasks. However, with the use of Optisolve SAVI® and PathfinderTM, staff can quickly and easily collect data, and reports and dashboards are automatically generated.

This has enabled staff to save up to 10 hours per week, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

A male typing on a MacBook Pro laptop is reviewing Reports dashboard from the Optisolve Savi software.

33% More Time back From Improved Training

Finally, Optisolve’s approach has helped improve operational efficiency and training.

Visual proof of cleaning deficiencies provided by PathfinderTM has allowed staff to save approximately 8 hours a week per employee in re-training. The precision cleaning methods remove the guesswork, enabling staff to focus on areas that need to be cleaned instead of areas that don’t need to be or need to be cleaned less frequently.

Overall, Optisolve’s precision cleaning approach is a valuable tool for businesses looking to save money, improve efficiency, and enhance productivity.


Increased confidence in your facility, team, and bottom lines with Optisolve.

In conclusion, Clackamas Community College’s innovative approach of utilizing technology and data-driven tools to implement a highly efficient cleaning validation program based on objective and visual evidence-based methodology has proven to be a remarkable success.

With the help of Optisolve, Kelly was able to fulfill his quest for:

  • A visual tool that could “see clean”
  • A system that provided insightful and qualitative data into the effectiveness of the facilities’ cleaning process
  • Identify areas in need of improvement and be able to better communicate the results to be used for feedback for continuous improvement
  • A system that increased the productivity of cleaning staff

All of this was achieved while remaining within their budgets, resulting in a significant win for both parties involved.

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Kelly Montgomery, Custodial services manager at Clackamas Community College shares how Optisolve has changed how his team validates their cleaning program.

Kelly Montgomery, Custodial services manager at Clackamas Community College shares how Optisolve has changed how his team validates their cleaning program.

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