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Optisolve began as a question, which led to an idea. The question was simple. “Is this surface clean?” A small team within an international organization with over 60 years experience in manufacturing cleaning products, began working with academics and tech innovators to find solutions that would help cleaning teams identify contaminated surfaces with far more accuracy.

A need for innovative
test methodologies

After several years of research with leading, world-class partners, Optisolve developed our proprietary surface imaging technology. Optisolve Pathfinder™️ is able to produce high quality images that proactively reveal where contamination exists before and after cleaning. We combine this with the Optisolve SAVI®️ quality management system to produce a comprehensive program to validate cleaning and disinfection. We work with organizations to not only visualize and track results but also provide evidence-based recommendations to improve performance, training and education. The overall outcome is enhanced cleaning and healthier spaces.

precision cleaning

“The challenges for today’s cleaning teams, more relevant than ever before, be it in hospitals, long term care homes or with facility managers and building service contractors are a) how to increase productivity without lowering the cleaning and disinfecting standards and b) how to reduce cleaning costs of which almost 90% is labor.” Says Tony Ambler, Chairman, Optisolve Ltd and Swish Group of Companies

“Optisolve meets these challenges with our precision cleaning approach. By providing our customers and the industry with a visual, evidence based cleaning validation technology that can detect contamination along with tools that can measure, record and monitor cleaning effectiveness thus taking the guesswork out of the cleaning equation.”

Technology that allows
evidence-based decisions
and approaches

With the development of our proprietary camera technology which pairs with a highly advanced software platform that enables a user to capture contamination on a surface through infrared photography, develop and validate different precision cleaning protocols, and track results over time. This evidence-based approach results in cleaning teams working far more efficiently and effectively. People are better protected. Cleaning processes are streamlined, and stakeholders are satisfied that risks have been mitigated.

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The Swish Group of Companies continually innovates new technologies and processes that empower our customers to run their businesses more efficiently, while we support them with products, training and service that exceed expectations. As a pioneer in sustainable solutions for over 20 years, we have proudly been at the forefront of environmental innovation, distributing more certified green products than any other company in Canada, including our own Swish Clean & Green® and Enviro-Solutions® brands.

Optisolve is a proud member of the Swish Group of Companies

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New Technology Targets Surface Pathogens for Safer Environmental Hygiene. BURLINGTON, Mass. – April, 2021 – Viken Detection, pioneer of homeland security x-ray…

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