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Quality management system for clean healthy and safe spaces

Experts in Cleaning

Our expertise originates from over 60 years of successful business in the cleaning and disinfection industry.  We recognized that looking at a surface and checking off a box saying it was clean was not good enough.  With the help of leading industry experts, we are on a journey to redefine environmental surveillance and use our passion for innovation to create technology solutions for clean, healthy and safe spaces.

Finding Solutions to
a Huge Problem

The inspiration for developing OptiSolve came from asking tough questions about a huge problem. We live in a microbial world and yet, people have high expectations for clean, healthy spaces. Despite great leaps in sanitation, medicine and technology, one of the top world-wide causes of death is infections.

We asked: what more could be done to help improve this huge problem? How can we better support practitioners in maintaining healthy spaces? How can we improve education and training? How do we know a space a clean?

spray and wiping a surface for infection prevention

OptiSolve Innovation 

After several years of research with leading, world-class academic partners, OptiSolve developed our proprietary surface imaging technology. OptiSolve Pathfinder is able to produce high quality images that proactively reveal where contamination exists before and after cleaning. We combine this with the OptiSolve SAVI quality management system to produce a comprehensive program to validate cleaning and disinfection. We work with organizations to not only visualize and track results but also provide evidence-based recommendations to improve performance, training and education. The overall outcome is enhanced cleaning and healthier spaces.

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