Recognizing Our Frontline Heroes During National Healthcare Environmental Services Week and All Year Long

Animated graphic showing frontline service workers
graphic image showing animated service workers


The second week in September is National Healthcare Environmental Services Week, when we honor the men and women who ensure safe, healthy and clean facilities all year long. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these unsung heroes have worked tirelessly on the front lines keeping us safe. We would like to take this week to recognize these workers, thank them for protecting public health and validate their efforts in providing clean and safe spaces!

It’s never been more important to focus on our environmental services workers and give them the recognition they deserve. We are so glad for the opportunity to thank these hard-working protectors of public health. If you see an environmental services worker this week, tell them thank you.

Invest In Your Environmental Services Workers

By validating cleaning work with data, the public can see quantifiable proof that a cleaning worker’s job is tied with public health and safety. This is an integral piece of the larger picture of the cleaning industry. For so long, so much of how buildings are cleaned has been based on guesswork. Now there are tools that can quantifiably measure clean, provide data and prove to the public the importance of the work.

A validation tool used consistently to provide recognition, communicate to the public and measure success can add significant value to your environmental services team. Learn more about advanced validation tools from Optisolve’s collaborative approach to validation, featuring Optisolve Pathfinder, a breakthrough solution in surface imaging and Optisolve SAVI, a cloud-based quality and inspection software.