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Janitorial Software for Cleaning Inspection with Accuracy and Ease

Optisolve® provides janitorial service software for visibility into inspection, cleaning, and validation processes.

Why choose Optisolve® for your janitorial software?

  • Improve tracking and Reporting with janitorial manager software for building maintenance teams
  • Gain visibility into your cleaning quality with janitorial inspection software that tracks cleaning validation
  • Implement effective quality control and precision cleaning processes with janitorial service and cleaning validation software
  • Improve your team’s ability to identify contaminated surfaces with software that makes the invisible visible
  • Keep your organization in compliance with HIPAA and SOC2-certified janitorial management software

Optisolve® janitorial management software solutions are for high-usage facilities that depend on precision cleaning management and verification solutions to maintain facilities at optimal operational levels.

We help busy healthcare facilities, leading universities, and health-conscious organizations prevent the spread of harmful diseases, and our system is a GBAC Star™ registered product and technology.

If your building services team needs an efficient and effective cleaning management solution to ensure environmental health and safety requirements are properly maintained and monitored, Optisolve™ has you covered.

Remove Guesswork with Elite Janitorial Service Management Software.

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Leading-Edge Janitorial Software

Safeguard Surfaces with Less Waste

Avoid cleaning overkill by identifying if a surface is safe or contaminated before wasting unnecessary cleaning supplies and labor hours with Pathfinder™surface imaging technology

Make Better Informed Decisions

Get a clear picture of contamination hotspots and decide how to adapt your hygiene practices with Pathfinder™, the only environmental monitoring tool of its kind.

Minimize Costly Bacterial Outbreaks

Rely on Optisolve software for janitorial services to increase the efficacy of surface cleaning efforts and stop contaminated areas from developing into outbreaks.

Monitor Contamination Levels

Use Pathfinder™ to take before and after images and quickly determine how well your cleaning processes eliminate biological contaminants on your facility’s surfaces.

Develop Precise Cleaning Plans

Use data in your SAVI® cloud-based inspection software to pinpoint when and where biological material accumulates on surfaces and better adapt your cleaning schedules.

Improve your cleaning productivity up to an estimated 30%

Optisolve’s precision cleaning approach helps decision makers to deploy and optimize resources to areas that need remediation backed by data-driven evidence.

Improve Cleaning Performance

Eliminate guesswork and ineffective cleaning and scheduling processes using images taken with the Pathfinder™ halo and stored in SAVI® database.

Create Better Working Conditions

Empower your team with advanced insight into their cleaning efforts. Use visual assessments from Optisolve products to encourage continuous performance improvements and better employee training.

Inspire Facility-User Confidence

Share data, trend analysis and images in real-time with managers and hygiene inspectors to demonstrate how well your team keeps their surfaces safe from biological risks.

Why Optisolve® is a Trusted Janitorial Software Provider


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Use Only the Best Janitorial Software for Your Facilities

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Easily View Biological Contamination with Advanced Surface Imaging Technology

Give facility managers and cleaning teams more insight than ever before with our Pathfinder™ surface imaging equipment and software. Remove the guesswork from cleaning and demonstrate your team’s high standards toward providing exceptional health and hygiene care.

How are biological contaminants identified?

Optisolve Pathfinder™ uses a specialized lens attachment and proprietary bio-tracker illuminator spray to identify the presence of biological material on hard, non-porous surfaces.

Pathfinder™ gives janitorial teams the ability to instantly detect bioburden material, gauge contamination levels, and measure the effectiveness of a facility’s decontamination processes.

Janitorial Cleaning Software

Gain Profound Insight Into Surface Cleaning Validation & Monitoring

Say goodbye to having to manage paper documents scattered across the facility. Easily view all data and information collected by your team in one centralized location with SAVI®, our premiere janitorial inspection software.

SAVI® is a cloud-based janitorial inspection and quality management software solution that is easily configurable to your cleaning business’s or facility maintenance team’s unique needs.

Implementing Optisolve® software into your processes is easy, quick and will meet your organization’s precise standards for janitorial scheduling software.

Janitorial Service Management Software

Save Money with GBAC Star™ Registered Janitorial Inspection Software

Determining what is clean and what isn’t in a high-volume facility takes time and money. Traditional contamination detection methods don’t always give clear results meaning many cleaning teams end up using more labor and supplies than necessary.

With a clear picture of exactly where surface contaminants are present, your janitorial business or maintenance team is better able to allocate labor and supply resources with greater efficiency.

Optisolve® janitorial software and Pathfinder Surface Imaging technology provides janitorial and maintenance teams with visual insight into where germs are hiding to lower costs while increasing overall cleaning standards.

Janitorial Software

Improve Your Facilities Health and Hygiene Confidence

Optisolve® janitorial business software easily enables your facility management team or commercial cleaning business to demonstrate its superior commitment to facility care services.

Create public confidence in your team’s health and hygiene regimen with documentation that is accessible and can be quickly shared with building inspectors and relevant stakeholders.

SAVI® software gives your company that extra edge to help assure facility managers by providing them with accurate and quick data about cleaning efforts, schedules, and contamination levels.


Unlike other janitorial software programs, Optisolve relies on evidence-based technology to help janitorial businesses to:

  • Clean surfaces more effectively
  • Eliminate questionable contamination identification testing procedures
  • Identify contamination hotspot locations and times
  • Improve internal quality control, quality assurance, and training procedures
  • Prove compliance is being met to health and safety regulators

Optisolve® is committed to solutions that provide cleaning inspection teams insight like never before and advance your facility’s health and safety objectives.

Yes, Optisolve® janitorial software programs are HIPAA compliant.

Compliance monitoring is part of the foundation upon which our janitorial products and solutions are built. We believe this level of commitment to compliance is why our customers, within the healthcare industry and beyond, trust our platforms to store and manage their maintenance team’s sensitive data.

Optisolve’s Pathfinder™ scans solid, non-porous surfaces for biological material and renders a high-quality image depicting the presence of biological material containing DNA. Images produced in the janitorial inspection software cannot identify if a specific bacteria or virus is present on a surface. It demonstrates if biological contaminants are on a surface and at what level. This type of identification system means all types of bacteria and many viruses can be detected.

Our quality management software program, SAVI®, is compatible with most operating systems used by janitorial businesses and maintenance teams today. These include:

  • iOS
  • Windows.

For clients who rely on Pathfinder for optimizing their surface testing as a part of their cleaning services, the halo attachment works with iOS and is optimized for tablets. All necessary hardware is included in a Pathfinder™ subscription plan.

Optisolve® has an amazing support team that our clients rely on for training during the onboarding process and support to respond to any software or hardware support questions.

Our support team can help teach new clients how to customize their Optisolve® products based on their individual subscription plans, facility type, and traffic demands, and governing regulatory bodies if applicable.

In addition, Optisolve® also has an extensive support website with videos and troubleshooting articles for our customers.