Natalie Ambler and Mark McInnes accepting 2019 ISSA Award

OptiSolve wins 2019 ISSA Innovation Award for Services & Technology


2019 ISSA Show (left to right), Natalie Ambler, Director Innovation and Development, OptiSolve and Mark McInnes, Director of Business Development, OptiSolve accepted the ISSA 2019 Innovation Award for Services & Technology.

Las Vegas, Nevada, November 18, 2019 — OptiSolve Pathfinder® technology is proud to announce that today at the ISSA Show North America, our visual imaging technology has been awarded the prestigious ISSA 2019 Innovation Award in the Services & Technology Category.

This ISSA Award acknowledges OptiSolve’s development of surface imaging technology to help advance cleaning across all markets by making the invisible visible. OptiSolve® reveals microbial contamination on surfaces by using a proprietary Pathfinder® imaging technology. The technology generates high-quality intensity map images to proactively indicate where contamination remains before and after cleaning, providing a breakthrough in the infection prevention strategy. This existing surface assessment visual indicator is an insightful diagnostics tool, notably in healthcare settings, where contaminations and infections can be an enormous social and economic burden.  

“We are ecstatic with the ISSA acknowledging the importance of the OptiSolve Pathfinder platform for helping precision cleaning capabilities to improve environmental health and safety in all types of facilities – from hospitals to food manufacturing plants to educational facilities and offices. This important award along with the $4.5 million Genome Canada grant in February has made 2019 a breakthrough year,” said Tony Ambler, chairman of Charlotte Products Ltd.

OptiSolve, a division of family-owned Canadian company Charlotte Products Ltd. (CPL), has developed an environmental monitoring system and optical sensor technology, called Pathfinder, which is used to image and assess surfaces for microbial contamination.

The ISSA Innovation Award Program is an annual event that drives the cleaning industry forward by supporting and recognizing the latest in products and services that ISSA members have to offer.

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