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OptiSolve And Viken Detection Partner To Launch The Pathfinder™ – An Innovative Surface Imaging Device

New Technology Targets Surface Pathogens for Safer Environmental Hygiene

BURLINGTON, Mass. – April X, 2021 – Viken Detection, pioneer of homeland security x-ray imaging and analytical devices, is pleased to announce a partnership with OptiSolve Ltd., a technology leader for clean, healthy and safe spaces. Viken will assist with the development of OptiSolve Pathfinder™, a new proprietary surface imaging technology. This innovative system provides intensity map images and spatially-specific data of contamination on surfaces.

“It’s important to regain public confidence that cleaning at work, in schools, public buildings and on public transportation is effective, safe, and free from potential pathogens” says Jim Ryan, CEO of Viken Detection. “This is a landmark partnership that brings together the leaders in imaging devices and environmental surveillance, to work alongside other measures like vaccines, to enable local communities and business to live and operate safely.”

OptiSolve pathfinder halo surface imaging device

Breakthrough innovation

OptiSolve Pathfinder is a proprietary environmental hygiene tool that generates images of contamination on hard, nonporous surfaces.  To achieve meaningful adoption, OptiSolve integrates data and results in a cloud-based quality management software that aligns with current infection prevention best practices.

The new OptiSolve Pathfinder device will be released for purchase in May 2021. Initial production units have already been deployed and have received excellent feedback from end users.  For more information about OptiSolve and Viken Detection, please visit www.optisolve.net and www.vikendetection.com.

About Viken Detection

Viken Detection provides enabling security imaging and material identification solutions that help law enforcement and safety inspection professionals keep the public safe from drug trafficking, terrorism and environmental hazardous threats. The company’s innovative vehicle scanners, the OSPREY PortalTM series, and its handheld products, the HBI-120TM, NIGHTHAWK-HBITM, FOXHOUND-HNA and Pb200i are the recognized leaders in their markets. Viken Detection is headquartered just west of Boston, Massachusetts. For more information, visit vikendetection.com.


About OptiSolve

OptiSolve® is an emerging technology leader in environmental health and safety.  Leveraging over 60 years of successful business in the cleaning and disinfection industry, the company recognized that looking at a surface and checking off a box saying it was clean was not good enough.  Working with leading experts, OptiSolve is redefining environmental surveillance and uses their passion for innovation to create sustainable solutions for clean, healthy and safe spaces.

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